The microbiome is the key to your wellness.

Your body is composed of billions of bacteria, influencing every physiological process.

When your bacteria are in balance, your health is, too.

Even though you can’t see them, you can feel them working.

Why is the microbiome so important?

Research shows that there can be no healthy body without a healthy, balanced microbiome. But modern lifestyles can be a threat to that delicate balance.

How can I tell that my microbiome needs extra care?

Because the microbiome acts holistically, symptoms can be varied. Slow digestion. Skin problems. Low energy and mood. Or simply feeling constantly tired, heavy, and bloated.

Can the microbiome be repaired?

The good news is - yes, it can. That’s why we created Guut: a line of products to help you restore your good bacteria - and discover a new level of wellness.

Meet Guut - good bacteria, inside and out

Restore your inner balance

Restore your inner balance

Good bacteria can be very fragile and disappear from our systems after prolonged periods of stress, antibiotics, illness or bad eating habits. Thankfully, you can restore them. Our universal synbiotic contains a unique composition of essential strains of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family. Discover the amazing benefits for your whole body.


Meet our Probio Complex

The ultimate replenishment for the microbiome. This blend of water-activated probiotic bacteria is comprised of multiple beneficial strains of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium families in a form that ensures their survival in the gut. We’ve combined them with low-FODMAP (gut-friendly) plant prebiotics to help the good bacteria settle and rebalance your microbiome. Just stir a spoonful of powder into room temperature water to activate the mix and drink, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Change for good

Change for good

Unhealthy eating habits disrupt the microbiome’s balance. Sugary snacks and processed foods don’t feed good bacteria. Our special smoothie was created to give you a healthy and convenient way to banish hunger and care for the microbiome, wherever you are. Rich in plant protein to help you feel full, prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut and fiber to help with blood sugar and regularity.


Meet our Microbiome Smoothie

Plant-based foods are your microbiome’s friends. They support the diversity of the microbiome and help reduce inflammation that could harm your good bacteria. We’ve selected premium sources of plant protein: pea and hemp - to help you banish hunger and feel full. Vegan prebiotics (chicory root, acacia & baobab extract) help good bacteria flourish and provide a source of fiber for healthy blood sugar levels and regularity. Plus, they’re low FODMAP, so they are perfect even for those of us with digestive sensitivities. We’ve topped it off with a superfood – beta-glucan – to ensure your body gets an anti-inflammatory superpower.

Repair your skin barrier

Repair your skin barrier

Skin is the second largest center of the microbiome, right after the gut. Good bacteria form a protective barrier that helps your skin stay supple, healthy and youthful for longer. Unfortunately, pollution, hard water, and chemicals in cosmetic detergents can strip your skin of that protection. The solution is to rebalance the skin's microbiome with probiotics. Our skin serum does just that, with selected strains of beneficial bacteria, natural prebiotics, and skin strengthening peptides.


Meet our Probio Skin Serum

Healthy, radiant and supple complexion is impossible to achieve without a protective barrier formed on the surface of the skin – a barrier made with the help from beneficial bacteria. Once the microbiome is compromised, skin starts suffering. The bifida/ lactococcus ferment lysates and filtrates in our serum are sourced from beneficial probiotic bacteria. They help feed the skin’s microbiome and rebuild its balance, strengthen the skin’s defense system, soothe inflammation, and level out the pH. We’ve added niacinamide to even out the skin’s tone and surface, and algae extracts for ultimate hydration.

dr Thomas Kampitsch

dr Thomas Kampitsch,

expert in functional nutrition and biochemistry


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Dr Thomas Kampitsch

Dr Thomas Kampitsch

expert in functional nutrition & biochemistry

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Kenn Israel

20 years of experience in product formulation & probiotics

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Paulina Kitlas

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